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Sewing With Niler - February Beginners Sewing Class

This week, I have been teaching beginners sewing classes at Southwest Georgia Technical College.  I must say, this is one of my long term dreams that has come true!  I have always wanted to teach sewing and craft classes either at a public school or technical college. I can't begin to tell you how rewarding it is.  I have a really great group of students.  They are full of enthusiasm for the craft of sewing.  Tonight is the final day of the class.  Monday they got acquainted with the sewing machine and different sewing notions.  They also got a chance to practice sewing on scrap fabric to get a feel for the machine.  Tuesday they cut out their pattern and fabric and tonight they will sew their skirts together.  This is going to be a lot of fun.  If you have never seen a sewing machine or are a little "rusty" in your sewing skills, this is the class for you!  I hope you will sign up for my beginners sewing class and take advantage of a dying art.  Happy Sewing!

REGISTER TODAY!! -- "I Can Sew Now!" Beginners Sewing Class" - Feb 21-23

Register now for the "I Can Sew Now!" Beginners Sewing Class.

Where: Southwest Georgia Technical College, Thomasville, Georgia.
Date: February 21 - 23, 2012.
Time:  10:00 - 12:00.
Fee:  $75.00 per person.
Supply fee: $25.00.

If you are interested, contact Ruby Barron at 229-227-2579.

Happy Sewing!

How To Convert Your Existing Necklace Into An Earring-Necklace

Start by taking your favorite or in this case a "clearance rack find" necklace that you can use to convert into your very own earring-necklace.  This piece of jewelry is the coolest piece of jewelry I've seen in a while.  Talk about convienence...this is it!

Start by removing the earrings from the card.  Next you are going to open the jump ring on the earring and remove the large earring loop.  Save the jump ring because you are going to use this jump ring to connect the necklace to the fish hook earring finding.

Now, remove the chains from the large necklace loop.  As you notice in this photo, the chains are connected to the large loop through a large jump ring.  Simply open the jump ring and remove the chains from the large loop, but keeping them on the jump ring. Be sure to close the jump ring so your chains don't slip off.

In this photo the large necklace loops have been removed and the jump rings have been closed keeping all the chains together, ready to be attached to the fish hook earring finding.

Now you can see that the small jump ring from the earring is connected to the large jump ring from the necklace.  This will merge the necklace to the earring.  Repeat this procedure on both sides of the necklace.

This photo shows both of the fish hook earring findings connected to the necklace on both sides.  The necklace has now been converted to an earring-necklace.  For me this earring-necklace has too many chains.  I am going to eliminated a couple of the chain so that they are not right up under my chin.

Here you see I have removed the two upper rows of the earring-necklace.  I just cut the two extra rows from the necklace using wire cutters.  As you can see the necklace now looks more "user" friendly.  I don't have to contend with the two smaller rows which would end up right under my chin...not good!  I must say that this is one of my favorite projects to do.  I hope this project inspires you to tackle a necklace in your jewelry box or inspire you to buy that "ugly" necklace that is in a serious need of a makeover.  At any rate...GO FOR IT!  Happy Crafting!

If you have an idea for a video or if you have questions about a particular project, please feel free to post you comment or send me a message via email at

Thanks or your support!

Earring-Necklace...Cool Jewelry!

Can't figure out what earrings and what necklace to wear to your special occasion? 

Why not wear them the same time!
That's right, why not wear you necklace and earring together as a combination.  This piece of jewelry allows you to always have matching earrings and necklace because they become one.  No more searching for the right earring to wear with that cool necklace.  Problem solved!

Welcome to the earring-necklace combo!

Check out my next post where I show you how to take your existing necklace or, as in my case, purchase one from the clearance rack and turn it into your very own custom earring necklace.  I hope you try this.  You will certainly be pleased with the results.  Happy Crafting!

DVD WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to Kraftybuns!  You are the winner of the free "I Can Sew Now!" Beginners Sewing DVD.

Zigzag Pizzaz!

When Do You Use The Zigzag Stitch?

This is a question asked by many beginner sewing enthusiasts.  The zig zag stitch is truly your "friend".  It can be used in many varying ways. 

  • Use it to finish off the edge of unfinished fabric.  If you do not own a serger, this is a good way to finish off seams.
  • The zigzag stitch can also be used as a decorative stitch as well.  By using a contrast color you can add spunk to your sewing project.
  • This is a nice stitch to use when mending holes in your favorite jeans. By adding extra fabric behind the hole, the zigzag stitch secures the fabric in place as well as mends the hole.
So, when you look at your machine and see the three or so zigzag stitches, do not be intimidated...just jump in and use them.  I'm sure you will be very satisfied with the outcome of your project!

Happy Sewing!

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